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Carioca Style - Special for Connection Rio

This is a special post to all Connection Rio's podcast listeners, sou you can see more of the carioca style on these winter days! (cariocas = people born in the city of Rio)

Here in Brazil, cariocas are know for their unique style, very relaxed and fun yet sexy. These are a few pics taken by the brazilian street style website Rio etc, who always seems to perfectly capture the essence of  cariocas`s style in the streets of Rio.

 (click to enlarge)

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A very important thing that I forgot to mention on the podcast is that cariocas love color and printed clothes, you'll see a lot of that on the streets and in the stores.

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But if you don't feel very comfortable wearing bright colors, don't worry! We also love neutral colors and to dress in black&white, specially in winter time.

  (click to enlarge)

Since the weather changes a lot all year long, its more likely that even during winter, we'll have some sunny days, warm enough to enjoy the beach, so make sure you pack your swimsuit. Better yet, buy a piece here! 

Girls, don`t be afraid of the teeny tiny bikinis, very few people still wear these kind.  The cuts are getting bigger as the brands have an eye on the internacional market so I`m sure you`ll find a piece that doesn`t make you unconfortable while getting a tan at the beach.

Guys, althought most carioca men wear speedos at the beach, it`s ok to wear board shorts without looking like an outsider. Just make sure you get your legs tanned as well! ;)

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 (click to enlarge)  Photos: Rioetc / FFW

I hope you find this helpful, specially if you`re planning a trip to Brazil. If you have any questions or comments, leave it on the comment box ou feel free to email me canalmoda@gmail.com .You can also reach me on twitter @canalmoda

And don`t forget to check out Connection Rio`s website and listen to all it`s podcasts



Explicando pra quem não entendeu nada aí em cima! hehe

Dei uma entrevista para o site Connection Rio (em inglês - morri de vergonha! mas clica aqui pra ouvir!), falando para os gringos sobre o estilo dos cariocas, como é o inverno por aqui e dando algumas dicas do que trazer na mala. Esse post é um complemento, ilustrando a entrevista e dando umas diquinhas extras. ;)

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Teddy disse...

Você escreve super bem em ingles, haha!
Adoro o estilo carioca, descontraido, né?
Amei o blog, já to seguindo e ficaria super feliz se segui-se o meu tambem:

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